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David Krch
Languages: Czech, English, French, German

David Krch has many years’ experience representing foreign firms which operate in the Czech Republic. He provides full representation and services, particularly in matters relating to corporate income tax and VAT (within both a domestic and an international environment), for clients whose companies operate in the Czech market long-term; he also offers assistance in the event of one-off projects and compiles due diligence reports for new investors moving into the Czech market.

David thus specializes in particular in taxation issues affecting foreign companies which operate within the Czech market on a long-term basis. David has more than 18 years’ experience in this field (including four years during which he worked in the tax department of the international consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers).

David has also gained experience in a number of projects involving mergers and acquisitions and their financing in the Czech Republic, during which he has participated on behalf of both buyer and seller as part of negotiations with the leading legal firms in the CR. Another major part of David’s work centers on investment incentives, an area in which he has been representing important investors – primarily from the automobile industry – for many years.

The automobile industry is another of David’s specializations. He has been representing car manufacturers in the Czech Republic for several years now (i.e. foreign-based production plants), as well as company subsidiaries representing brands of car on the Czech market (i.e. importers), the finance (i.e. leasing) arms of car manufacturers, not to mention at present several producers of vehicle components.

David graduated from the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at the University of Economics in Prague; after completing his studies he worked in the tax department of the consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers for four years.

David Krch is a tax advisor and a member of the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic (KDP ČR), within which he is also a member of specialist divisions focusing on international taxation and VAT.


Languages: Czech, English

Eva Frkalová acquired her tax experience over a seven-year period working in the tax and legal departments of the consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Czech Republic, and during the thirteen years that she ran her own tax consultancy practice. Eva focuses on corporate income tax and its international aspects, VAT and restructuring. Other specializations include personal income tax, in particular; employment benefits; the recruitment of professionals and staff from abroad; and the employment of personnel outside the country.

Eva prepares corporate income tax returns, carries out audits of tax returns submitted by the clients’ accounting department, and she also compiles due diligence reports. She likewise prepares personal income tax returns, for both tax residents of the Czech Republic and tax non-residents. She provides consultancy on corporate income tax and VAT issues with a particular focus on: the tax implications of production and distribution processes; invoicing models (including the impact of withholding tax); the structuring of employee benefits and their effect on corporate and personal income tax, and on statutory social and health insurance contributions.

Eva also organizes workshops for her clients, focusing, in particular, on current changes to the tax environment. As well as conceiving and participating in the workshops herself, Eva also invites guest speakers to attend these events.

Her client portfolio chiefly comprises members of a multinational group of firms: companies operating within the automobile industry; in production and processing; accounting and finance companies, including shared services centers; and firms carrying out clinical research for pharmaceutical companies.

Eva has been a tax advisor registered with the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic since 1998, and she is also a member of ACCA (FCCA since November 2008). She completed her studies at the University of Economics in Prague, graduating from the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration, in 1996. She finished her postgraduate course in international taxation at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien) in 2004, earning the title LL.M. The subject of her dissertation was “Dividends Received by a Dual-Resident Company”.

She has been working since 2005 with BPP Professional Education in Prague, and in Bratislava as a lecturer on the Czech tax system for students on the ACCA certificate course. To this end, she also compiles and regularly updates the necessary coursework.


Languages: Czech, English

Martina worked in the tax and legal departments of PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Czech Republic for six years, and she joined the team at Tax Advisory Services in December 2010.

Martina specializes in corporate income tax. She has a wealth of experience in the preparation of tax returns and in consultancy on income tax, in bookkeeping and consultancy for non-profit organizations, and also in deferred tax calculation and reporting. Her clients chiefly consist of manufacturers operating within the automobile industry and in technological processing, also companies distributing pharmaceutical products and foodstuffs on the Czech market.

Martina has broad experience as an instructor and organizes seminars focused primarily on current changes to the tax environment, on the basic principles of the Czech tax system, and on deferred tax.

Martina studied economic policy at the University of Economics (VŠE) in Prague. She is a member of the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic, and she holds CAE and BEC Higher certificates.

Languages: Czech, English

Lucie worked in tax and legal department at Ernst & Young for more than six years, and she joined the team at TaxServices in January 2017.

Lucie specializes in corporate income tax, transfer pricing and personal income tax. Lucie has an extensive experience in preparation of tax returns, consultancy on income tax and preparation of transfer pricing documentation including benchmarking. Her clients chiefly consist of manufacturing companies, service and pharmaceutical companies.

Lucie has experience as an instructor mainly from internal trainings at Ernst & Young. She prepares seminars focused on current changes to the tax environment at Tax Advisory Services.

Lucie obtained her degree from the University of Economics in Prague where she specialized on taxation and tax policy. She is a Czech Certified Tax Advisor registered with the Czech Chamber of Tax Advisors. Lucie is fluent in Czech and English. Lucie holds a BEC Higher certificate.